The Weaving of Threads Book One

By Lee Eddy

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Have you ever read the Bible and wondered what is was like for the people alive back then? Meet Shimon, an everyday man clinging to the promises of his God and the coming Messiah. The impact of th4e fulfillment of these promises could have life-long implications for generations to come. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you gave yourself completely over to the desires of your flesh? Meet Lachish. He thought he had it all. Or does he? Has the world ever told you that your don’t mater because you lack in worldly possessions or don’t meet their “standards” of living? Meet Lazarus. A poor man with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Have you ever lost hope in a promise from God? Have you ever clung to a Truth when everyone else around you has given up? The extraordinary is about to crash into the world of the ordinary. Are you prepared for what’s to come?

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