The Pure Man Conference is devoted to equiping men in the fight against lust. It’s a battle every man wages, one you don’t have to fight alone. Here you’ll find the hope and tools you need to trump lust every time… Learn more about the Conference, what’s all covered, when they are going to be, and how you can host one. Find hope for Freedom as we talk about how to get free and stay free. Stay up to date with the Pure Man News

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Easy answer: YES! YOU CAN! Everyone through Jesus Christ can be free. Who the Son has made free is free indeed. 1. You think, “I’m just too far gone. No one could help me”.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Romans 6:14 says Sin doesn’t have to control you. If you think anything diferent it’s a lie the Darkness has been feeding you.

Our God is a big God. He’s bigger than our sin. He can handle all of it. And He can free you from it, but only if you let Him. He can only work as much as you give Him access.

2. You’re just going to tell me to abstain from the porn.

No. Abstinence is not freedom. We show you how to be free. I can’t tempt you with something you don’t want. If you follow all of our steps, if you chose to be a doer and not just a hearer, you can see freedom like you’ve never dreamed of. We have guys who are part of this ministry who have been freed from so much defilement. Believe us, if we can be free, you can be free. We seen it all and know God can change it.

There is freedom for you, you just have to take it.

3. If I come to a conference I’ll never sin again?

It’s not that easy. While yes, you will be free, Freedom is a process that starts at an event. We bring the event and show you how to be free, we even show you how to stay free, but it’s up to you to use the tools we give you. If you leave your sword sheathed, you are going to die in battle. We’ll show you the sword, show you how to use it, but from there on, its on you to actually use it.

Check out the Steps of Freedom and the Stay Free sections

If you are reading this site you probably feel it. You know what it is like.

What am I talking about?

Being a slave to Lust.

It owns you. Even when you tell yourself you’re doing fine, you know it’s back there waiting, lurking, keeping a short chain on you so you don’t get far. You know it and you see it in your own eyes when you look in the mirror. You have no life, no joy because you know, when it calls you’ll be there and you will answer because you always do.

We’re here to tell you, you don’t have to anymore. THERE IS FREEDOM. You just have to want it and it’s yours.

You think that it might be true for anyone else but not you.

That’s a lie. Check out the “Can I Be Free?”” section.

The Bible is clear: through Jesus anyone can be free from anything.

Take back your manhood. Stand up for yourself. Be your own man, the one Jesus Christ created. Live again. Be able to look people in the eye knowing you have nothing to hide. Be FREE. You can have it.

The only thing stoping you from being free is….you.

This is what the conference is all about. Come to A conference. Host a conference. Get the DVD or CDs. It will take a weekend, but it’s a weekend that will change your life.

So let’s get to it. No one fights alone. You are among brothers who have been where you are and have seen freedom. We know what it takes and what the struggles are. We’ve been throuhg the fight and have seen victory. Let us show you how.

The Conference History

The Pure Man Conference started in 2000 at a Men’s retreat. The first conference was suppose to be a one time deal. But God had different plans. We were recording the conference for men to share later, but the 1st session didn’t record, so another conference was planned to be able to record the 1st session. It again didn’t record. Four more sessions later we finally got the 1st session recorded. By then, word had spread and men all over were requesting to have a conference in their church because they knew people who needed to go through it and they themselves wanted to go through it again. 9 years and over 50 conferences later it’s bigger than ever and building momentum Wanna make history with us?
About us

Who are we?


We are husbands, fathers, sons, brothers: men who have stepped up, decided we wouldn’t be rued by anything other than the Lord Jesus Christ. We’ve chosen to live life to its fullest by living Freedom. We are sinners who have found freedom in Jesus and we’re not afraid to talk about it. We’re not perfect, but we are working it out together. We’ve been where you are. There is no condemnation from us, only hope.

Here are the people that have joined the ministry:
Lee Eddy

Lee Eddy has been in ministry for over 40 years, as a youth pastor, teacher, and senior pastor. He has been involved in various denominations and para-church ministries. His belief that all theology must be applicable has brought him into understanding of freedom in many areas of life. He and his family were missionaries to Russia for 5 years and he has ministered the Pure Man Conference in England and many states. He has developed various other forms of ministry and has authored books and manuals. He has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. He and his wife, Roxanne, have been married for 35 years and live in Indian Hills, Colorado.

Here are a list of Resources for you to download:

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If you are joining for the livestream or you lost your manual:

Pure Man Manual
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Pure Man Live Stream

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For those who wish to attend the course when it happens.

Pure Man Course Manual