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Setting People Free through the Word of God

“That’s the heart of Cross and Sword Ministries, to minister to the soul of the Church and train believer’s to practically apply the Word of God to their lives.” -Lee Eddy

We know how to serve, but do we know how to minister?

It’s time to learn how to receive ministry and to minister to the hurting!

We offer in person and online sessions and trainings. 

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Need Freedom?

Are you stuck in an endless cycle of despair or torment?

Trapped in an endless cycle of addiction, drugs, Alcohol, or pornography?
It’s time for that to change!

shadowy figure behind glass
person crouched down feeling lost and alone

It’s time to overcome the fear, guilt, shame and blame of our past hurts, or current circumstances, and experience the freedom Jesus promised!

 If you are wounded and hurting and have struggled to find help, please reach out. 

On the verge of divorce, and it doesn’t look like there is any hope?

When marriages fail, so does your ministry and lifestyles, along with your family. There is so much at stake.

We’ll help you walk through the healing and into freedom!

Ministry Testimonials

Any time you are in a relationship with Jesus and dealing with the issues in His name and power, there will be success!

Darrin Smith


“The secret sexual sin in my life was a wedge between me and God. It caused me to always struggle with answering God’s call for me to be the spiritual leader in my home. I had been praying for a way to break the never-ending cycle of guilt, shame and trying harder. The Pure Man (Conference or Course) was the answer to my prayers. I learned biblical truths about sex and how the enemy has corrupted it. But, most importantly, as I learned how to use practical tools to begin my walk in freedom, I grew closer to Jesus!”

Carolin Sherrow


As a survivor of childhood Masonic Ritual Abuse I grew up suffering from PTSD and dissociation, which were discovered when I was forty-four years old. I had large gaps in my memory and overreacted to sudden noises or certain images. I repressed emotion and believed that my mind was the only valuable part of me.
Despite having received significant healing and reintegration over the subsequent nine years, I still wrestled with issues of false identity and forgiveness. I fought self-hatred and couldn’t trust others, including God. My relationship with God was more “employer-employee” than “Father/daughter”. Through Face to Face ministry, these issues resolved more quickly than I could have imagined, adding to the work that had already been accomplished. I am now indeed Daughter of the Most High God, blessed in the Father, Daughter of Zion and a woman of great worth. And I am able to minister the same comfort which I have received according to 2 Corinthians 1:4.

Dennis Dallas


Without going into all the gory details, suffice it to say I was addicted to porn for a long time, made all the excuses and lies to my wife till one day she busted me big-time and gave me an ultimatum; her or my fantasy girls. The next morning at my Men’s Bible study I confessed to my Brothers and to God, they agreed to hold me accountable, even calling my wife and telling her so. I installed an accountability and filter program on my computer and put my accountability partner in charge. I had it under control. then Lee came to my church and did the Pure Man Conference and I came to the realization I could actually be free of the Chains and Bondage of pornography. When it was over and Lee announced the first DVD series, God said “Guess what you are going to do now?” Well, I have been teaching the Pure Man Class now for 5 years and over 100 men and boys have been through it with me. And now with the Advanced Class I am teaching other Men to be Mentors.
Thank you God for giving this to Lee and from Lee to me, so that we might set men free from this Curse.

Matthew 5:8
All the best and God bless,