Cross and Sword Ministries was born out of the need to minister to people outside the confines of a church while still working with churches. After being set free from a 20 year addiction to pornography, Lee desired to help other men find freedom. He wrote his first book called "Escape From Lust" and used a men's retreat to start his seminar "The Pure Man Conference", to get the ministry to as many men as possible. Pursuing how to minister to people one-on-one better, Lee developed a way of doing so with a high success rate and Face to Face Healing Ministry was established. Lee and his wife, Roxanne, ministered to marriages in every church they were in and across Russia for 3 1/2 years. The Great Romance Marriage Course was written and has been used to bring great healing to many couples, both in a group setting and in a one-on-two personal ministry time. Lee and Roxanne have been pastors, missionaries, and biblical guidance ministers for decades. The logo for Cross and Sword Ministries is the Eddy family crest.