Book Cover: The Weaving of Threads, Book Two
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.95
ISBN: 978-1952369629
Pages: 238

This is a journey through the eyes of one family from before the birth of Christ unto the birth of the Church. It travels along the paths of those who have died as righteous and unrighteous and the happenings on the earth as salvation is purchased and Christianity is established.

This book tells the story of the family of one man, Shimon the Weaver, as they journey through Israel from 18 B.C. through the birth of the Messiah and on to the birth and establishment of the newly formed church. The journey follows the lives of some who died unrighteous and their path in unrighteous Sheol. It also follows some who died righteously and went to Abraham's bosom to await their redemption and what their life would be like. This is all told simultaneously with the lives of those who are still alive as they follow the life and workings of the Messiah as he lived, died and rose again to bring salvation to those on the earth. They interact with the original disciples all the way to after Pentecost.

The saga continues as the Shimon family follows Jesus through the crucifixion and resurrection, bringing life and endless possibilities into the birth of the church.

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Reviews:Grandpa7 on wrote:

Behind the scenes of the beginning of Christianity. Lee has done an excellent job in this series of telling what could have been the beginning of Christ journey on Earth. Through arduous research how a family like Shimon's could be interlaced with the early Christians is told in an gifted way.

Carol on wrote:

Wonderful novel set.. This book series made me think about things I've not considered before. It deepened my understanding of what it may have been like to go through the beginning of Christianity!

James Rairdon on wrote:

Excellent fast moving story. I loved this book, read it in less than a week. I find fiction that is written in historical context fascinating. The weaving of multiple characters into the narrative and their relationships with each other was very well done.