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Are you wounded and hurting and have struggled to find help?

Please reach out.

Are you a Pastor or minister and feel like your hands have been tied? Are you tired of telling people they need to pray and read their Bible more?

We want to help you!

Check out our different ministries!

Pure Man Ministries

The Pure Man Conference is devoted to equipping men in the fight against lust. It’s a battle every man wages, one you don’t have to fight alone.

Here you’ll find the hope and tools you need to trump lust every time…

Learn more about the Conference, when they are going to be, and how you can host one. Find hope for Freedom as we talk about how to get free and stay free.

Face to Face Ministries

Face to Face Healing Ministries has been instrumental in seeing men and women set free in many areas of life. 

Our name comes from meeting face to face with people and bringing them face to face with Jesus Christ in an encounter so that He can take them face to face with their true identity in Him. We are being used of the Lord to help bring healing to people spirit, body, and soul.

Great Romance Ministry

There are many ministries about marriage.

This one is different.

The Great Marriage Romance Ministry is a comprehensive practical application of biblical principles developed by Lee and Roxanne Eddy. Each principle is important and built on each other. 

Enjoy the journey toward marital freedom and function.