Great Romance Ministries

Enjoy the journey toward marital freedom and hope.

“This ministry is about what we have learned, and what couples need to know and deal with to get set free and walk in that freedom.” Lee Eddy

“‘If you wait another couple of months, we won’t have a marriage to work with.  We are on the verge of divorce, and it doesn’t look like there is any hope’.

 That is the statement I heard from a missionary in our ministry group when we started talking about ministering to marriage in Russia.

We felt the pressure of bringing hope to people.

–Lee Eddy

The Great Romance Marriage Ministry is a comprehensive practical application of biblical principles that really work.

There are many books and conferences about marriage. This one is different. Because most of these principles are ignored in many marriage ministries. Each principle is important and built on the one before it.

Enjoy the journey toward marital freedom and hope.

Lee and his wife, Roxanne, spent 5 years in Russia, developing teachings and ministering to marriages, in every church they were in, all over the former Soviet Union.

Out of that ministry, Lee developed The Great Romance Marriage Course, a 14-week, intensive course instrumental in bringing great healing to many couples, both in a group setting and in a one-on-two personal ministry time.